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We have so loved making Mission to Zyxx for you, and we can think of no better way to cap our silly sonic audyssey than with a borderline-pointless, but altogether earnest, eccentric physical item loaded with music, jokes and sweat. That’s Zyxx, baby!

As a podcast that takes both aural delights and ludicrous ambition seriously, we thought it was only fitting to release our absolute favorite musical tracks from 5 seasons of Mission to Zyxx as a fully loaded, lovingly crafted and sonically pristine vinyl LP. 

This sprawling album will include main theme crawls and transitions from the run of the show by the amazing Brendan Ryan, original episode jams by Sound Rodd Shane O’Connell, and some brand new surprises. Plus, new and spectacular cover art by the incredibly talented Eric Geusz, and a gorgeous, brand new 11x22” poster of the ship of the stairs herself, the Bargarean Jade, by the amazing Lino Thomas. Spoiler alert, it’s her headshot. She’s seeking representation.

And don’t think this is some half-assed tie-in merch, like the soundtrack for Sherk 6: Mixmaster Dunkey - we’re remastering every track for vinyl, and using a three-step plating process to ensure excellent sound quality from every last french horn, violin, and whatever thrift store battery-op keyboard Bermut Nundaloy plays.

Due to the length of this campaign and credit card authorization limits, your pledge will be charged within 7 days, and refunded if the goal is not met.

And if, like many rational adults in the year 2022, you don’t own a turntable, or are aghast at the paltry 44-minute runtime of a standard LP, fear not: every order also includes a download link to the full track list, album art, AND tons of bonus tracks from Shane and Brendan, all in lossless digital format!

DISC-CLAIMER: Due to Covid supply chain issues and a recent uptick in vinyl pressing orders, this LP will take a frankly long-ass time to land at your door. We have already placed the order to reserve our spot in the pressing line, but be forewarned that the turnaround time on these is upwards of one Earth year. That’s why we felt it was important to create this campaign - we think of it more like a traditional pre-order. It allows us to give the record company an accurate headcount which makes the whole process more efficient. That said, the digital tracks will be available early this summer, so if you simply can’t wait, you’ll have all the Zyxx music you can handle while you wait for that sweet licorice pizza to arrive.


This campaign has a 'floating' deadline. It will end one week after the final episode of Mission to Zyxx is released.

THE TIP ($7, add more to cart to tip more! 🤑) - Roddamn, generosity with no expectation of a reward? That’s real Freshness right there. Thank you.

THE DIGITAL ($10) - The full track list, high-res album art and scads of extra bonus tracks available as a digital download in lossless audio format.

THE RECORD ($40) - The official Mission to Zyxx Soundtrack vinyl LP, featuring two dozen of our favorite Zyxx jams. Remastered for vinyl in an awesome gatefold sleeve, individually numbered in gold foil. With printed inner sleeve, and the exclusive 11x22” Bargie poster.

THE LATE LIRD ($175, limited to 80) - We get it, you were up late filing TB-4701 forms or tied up with your immersive SAS office sim and you missed out on the the early tiers. Not to worry! We've got you covered, with this brand-new ultra-premium tier featuring the primigenial Zyxx album, Bermut Nundaloy's BERMIFUL NELODIES, in its very first (and let's be honest, very last) physical release - with beautiful all-new cover art and liner notes (the cover art in the campaign image, while literally perfect, is just a mockup), fully remastered, and pressed on gorgeous transparent gold vinyl*. Hear the dulcet nelodies of Speeder Ride, 99 Protocols, and even Flyin' Through Space, with the analog warmth it has always deserved. And, naturally, it is signed by Bermut Nundaloy and the crew of the Bargarean Jade.

AND GET THIS: This tier ALSO includes the standard release of The Record, signed by the (human) cast and Brendan Ryan, as well as a brand new, unique, and personalized BERMUT NUNDALOY DITTY RECORDED JUST FOR YOU! Bermut is nothing if not devoted to his fan(s)! After the campaign ends, we'll reach out to get a prompt or info about you or a friend, and Bermut will lay down a rad improvised groove with his trusty synth - or maybe belly bongos? His muses are myriad and fickle!

*The gold color in no way signifies the popularity of the record. It is simply the color of Gerp, the artist’s addiction to which significantly delayed the album's release.

THE RECORD (EARLY BIRD) ($40, first 300) - This Early Bird tier includes a BRAND NEW and VERY RAD custom patch designed just for this campaign.

THE LIMITED EDISH ($100, Limited to 40) - Amazing and beautiful multicolored vinyl pressed to look EXACTLY like the Zyxx Quadrant’s famed Glarglon Cluster. This record is also signed by the entire cast and composer Brendan Ryan. Includes that beautiful Early Bird patch.

THE CHEF’S KISS ($250, Limited to 20!) - If you own a dubtornium mine, invested in BitKroon at JUST the right time, or are just a really big Zyxx fan with a little extra scratch, the Chef’s Kiss might be the tier for you. In addition to the poster and Early Bird patch, You get an EVEN MORE LIMITED EDITION CUSTOM MULTICOLORED VINYL from Wax Mage Records, custom designed to resemble the terrifying ALLWHEAT in all its mighty glory. This is ALSO signed by the entire cast and Mr. Ryan, PLUS we include a standard record so you have a copy you won’t worry about spilling your orange beer on. PLUS PLUS, an immortalization of your Freshness on the very album itself, in the form of a thank you to you (or your chosen Zima alias) printed on the sleeve. PLUS PLUS PLUS, this tier entitles you to one fully produced ringtone, birthday message, outgoing voicemail or other short audio message recorded and produced JUST FOR YOU. And finally, if it weren’t obvious, we’re having these records kissed by a chef.

Ships in Late 2022 / Early 2023

Stretch Goals!

300 RECORDS SOLD: ALL physical records will ship with a sticker sheet featuring brand new sticker designs from some of our favorite zyxx artists! 
500 RECORDS SOLD: ALL standard physical records will be printed on transparent Bargarean Jade green vinyl. Juck yeah.
750 RECORDS SOLD: If we sell 750 records, that can only mean one thing: our listeners are ready for the most incredible collab of this timeline or any other. That’s right, our 750 stretch goal will unleash an all-new, exclusive digital release featuring the two most innovative and prolific musical minds in the galaxy, together at last… but now we’re getting into spoiler territory, so maybe we should wait until after the finale to give you the details.
1000 RECORDS SOLD: If we pass this truly amazing sales milestone, ALL physical releases will ship with a 45rpm single, featuring Don’t Get Much Better by Zyxx all-timer Jordan B’Korkan on the A Side, and Speeder Ride by Bermut Nundaloy on the B-Side. How did Bermut swing that primo position, you ask? Let’s just say he was able to call in a favor from the leader of the galaxy.

What's Going On Here?

TopatoGo is a crowdfunding and fulfillment service from TopatoCO! We'll take your pre-orders, get them made, keep you updated, ship them out and let folks buy them after the campaign. And we'll do it all under one roof!

Why not Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is great for many projects but we've been doing this a while and know the ropes very well. You can see all the projects we've done previously as Make That Thing! TopatoGO will help streamline our process by having all the order info in one place instead of having to go back and forth between different platforms to stitch everything together and... surveys? Never quite figured that one out. We'll have everything we need right on our own very secure computers!

When does my card get charged?

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When and How Will it Ship?

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